Tips for a Maternity Photography Session
   1st: Wait until you are about 30 to 33 weeks along for the photo shoot . For most pregnancies, this is when the belly has that beautiful baby bump.
  Spend some time looking on Pinterest and researching 'maternity pictures'. See what you like and don't like. Create a board with the Pins that you like it so we can see together and talk about your session, you will not regret! What may work for some families may not work for yours; you want to make sure your pictures are organic and natural, yourself! Nothing is more magical then capture your true self at this unique moment.
- Choose clothes that show off your mama curves: maxi dress, tight t-shirt, bikini and one white and one black new underwear. No shorts or pants that are tight at the waistband.
- Try to coordinate clothes with your partner and any siblings.
- Choose 2-3 different outfits and accessories (long necklaces, scarves) Bring your own uniqueness to your picture.
 Hair and Makeup:
- Make sure to get that nice hair, mani-pedicure, natural looking makeup... You know, all that things that you have NOT done since you cannot even see your own toes. (I've been there, sister!) BUT, you want to look your best even in black and white against the light.
- Bring along a brush and hair pins, lipstick for touch up...
 Don't worry about anything else. I was pregnant myself, twice! so as a Mamma and a photographer, I know how our bodies can be different in this moment.
 My promise to you: I will make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed. Nothing is more beautiful than your real, natural smile!

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